Ap Service Level Agreement

Standard Desktop Support General Overview Standard Desktop Support Service Level of the Office of Information Technology (ILO) consists of: The Standard Desktop Support (SDS) Service General levels And in a customer service-related ALS, KPIS can measure: « Identifying and directing the few critical measures with our mission, the whole P2P process and service levels is not a simple trick. We favour an approach of four or five balanced objectives and no more than one or two actions per objective. However, they must all be achievable and be linked to a continuous improvement program. « What is measured is done » is a mantra known to all those responsible for shared services. This means that key performance measures (« KPIs ») are achievable, balanced and consistent with service level agreements, cascade with individuals and are related to their performance. Thank you for your request regarding our services, please contact us for any questions you may have regarding our factoring package. No question is too small or unimportant. 1-800-228-7151 Visit us at: www.ucfactors.com 4 3.2. Responsibility for the parties involved. Below is a list of responsibilities and requirements listed by a particular service (as shown above 2.1 in this service level agreement) Service statement of billing details on user liability payments – Bill number – Bill date – Customer name. – Amount of invoice – Currency of the invoice – ARM-PO number – Copy of the invoice (PDF format, One file per invoice) – Delivery proof (POD) – Date at which payment was received. – Payment method for payment (cheque, electronic transfer, etc.) – Seller`s name – Payment amount – Payment currency – Payment Id (cheque number or DFT, If available) A/P help will provide the user with the following information: – Status of the invoice with either, possible payment date or reason for refusal, cancellation or blocking of the invoice – If the invoice has a problem to deal with, the AP help degenerates into a second level specialist – If necessary, make a recommendation to the user regarding the actions to be taken on the user`s website.