Boutique Vendor Agreement

Dropshipping is an exciting way to make your online store work in a very short time with a variety of products. In the dropshipping model of e-commerce, online merchants, after accepting an order from their customer, order from their dropshipping provider who delivers the ordered product directly to the customer. Cargo on board (FOB) is a trade term that indicates whether the seller or buyer is responsible for goods that are damaged or destroyed during shipment. The FOB seller`s warehouse means that the buyer is in danger as soon as the seller ships the goods. FoB-Kundendock means that the seller retains the risk of loss until the goods reach the buyer. From advertising to shop production costs, we use supplier fees not only to cover the costs of this event, but also to ensure that our shop is furnished for success. There are five things you need to pay attention to when forming your supplier agreement: if you find that you can no longer participate in the show, we unfortunately cannot offer a refund of seller fees. To participate in our show, suppliers must complete a W-9 form and provide a professional license number. For those who do not have a business license, you can submit your permit #. The IRS requires us to provide information about both our show and our wonderful suppliers, so we must receive all the necessary information from each provider. Form W-9 must be submitted at the time of parking fee pricing. We require all our sellers to sell only handmade items and we reserve the right to remove items that are inappropriate or do not match our holiday shop. Our shoppers love handmade items, especially as gifts for friends and family.

There is only one cheque per stand. Suppliers and wholesalers should use a retailer agreement when they want to sell their product to a retailer or buy the product and sell it directly to a retailer….