Service Level Agreement Offerte

In practice, there are regular disagreements over the agreement on the service level contract. In general, this is due to an erroneous waiting pattern and ambiguous agreements. For some customers, a particular service is essential to running the business. This is why these customers expect a certain level of service, which is sometimes not provided for any reason. This expectation may be justified or unjustified. As a general rule, there is an unwarranted expectation because the parties have not read or misinterpreted the contract. You can email us this information without commitment or email us by phone at 070-3923995. We then send an offer for the creation of the service level agreement. Do you want to create or have a z.B service level contract verified? Do you have any questions about this or are you already in conflict with your customers/suppliers? We can advise or defend your interests, for example by holding the other party liable or taking legal action.

Feel free to contact us for more information. We can create a bespoke service level agreement for you. A service level agreement includes agreements on services provided for services such as software or Internet services. The service includes repairing errors/errors made by the customer within 30 days of delivery. In some cases, z.B. if Forque develops customization for the customer on the basis of a calculation and not on the basis of a price agreement, it may arrive at a delivery time, but the repair of bugs/bugs is not covered by the service. The interpretation of the service is determined by the facts and circumstances regarding the accommodation and what has been agreed in writing with the client in an offer, FO or elsewhere. ALS serves as a guarantee of the usefulness of our services, but also for clarity. As a service company, we have a duty to provide a « good » service. What we said that, we developed in our ALS.

We offer this as a standard part of the offer. To do this, we have put together three different packages. The content of the SLA contract means « we do our best to run the service 24/7. » In our ALS, we set out how we provide our services. In this way, all parties are clearly. Based on interviews and group meetings, proposals for improvement have been developed for the implementation of the ALS 2022-2025 process. In order to evaluate the ongoing bidding process, interviews were conducted with ALS employees, members of the RWS Executive Committee, owners of the RWS process and other stakeholders in the SLA process. In addition, two group meetings were held with the regional services of the RWS. This service level agreement (hereafter: ALS) describes the service That Forque customers can expect. In addition, this document describes how Forque and its clients can, together, achieve optimal cooperation and achieve the best results. AFAS Profit: AFAS Profit is the business resource planning (hereafter: ERP) software of AFAS.

For a detailed description of AFAS benefits and AFAS opportunities, please contact Forque or visit the AFAS website ( Forque is not a distributor of AFAS Profit, but a certified AFAS expert with expertise in the implementation, optimization and integration of AFAS Profit (see: Terms and Conditions: Forque`s terms and conditions where the latest version still applies between Forque and anyone else.