Veeam Partner Agreement

SoftwareONE has been granted the status of a single platinum partner in several countries around the world. We also entered into a unique agreement with Veeam which gave us regional gold status for EMEA, where Veeam is the #1. We are a global partner of Veeam with a partnership in 55 countries. 9.0 Personal data. In the event that you make personal data available to Veeam as part of your purchase and use of the software or to obtain maintenance work, your personal data will be used, stored and processed in accordance with Veeam`s Privacy Policy, which can be found under You can update your preferences at any time by visiting the Veeam customer portal. In January, Veeam entered into a new distribution agreement with Dicker Data for the Australian region after deciding to end the partnership with Tech Data. 11.0 Intellectual property rights. All rights, titles and interests relating to intellectual property rights on and over the software as well as all copies you are allowed to make are the property of Veeam and/or its licensees and are protected by Swiss, American and other patents, copyrights, trade secrets and other international laws and treaties. These licensees are, in addition to all the other rights or remedies available to them, third parties receiving this ECJ for their respective software. This software is licensed, not sold. The purchase of the software license (indeterminate or subscription) is non-refundable and is not refundable. The software is protected by patents, and some trademarks and logos used in the software are protected by trademarks.

The list of patents and trademarks is available at In addition, partners in the Asia-Pacific region will also be able to take advantage of the benefits of VCSP Pulse by joining more than 6,000 North American VCSP partners capable of connecting to Veeam and their respective aggregators on a single specially integrated platform to develop BaaS and DRaaS solutions at scale.