Virtual Assistant Client Agreement

Not really. Yes, there are a lot of VA that don`t. They establish their contract, get the client signed, and then they keep working. This HIPAA agreement form allows you to encourage your patients and users involved in health operations to read and even sign the form. Earn more subscribers and likes by sharing good quality photos of their work. You can share your form of social media post to your customers so you can share the photos you`ve taken with them. Make your agreed sentence clear. It can be a number of hours or an agreement cited by project. It should also describe the termination agreement, i.e. 30 / 60 / 90 days of notice required by both parties in the event of termination of employment.

Specific tasks range from editing and updating websites and social media, sending thank-you notes to customers close to the customer, to processing calls. For certain tasks they perform, they access information with different privacy requirements. Similarly, the wise virtual assistant (VA) does not want to start his work without a contract. In many cases, you should prefer to rely on oral chords. The reason is that when it comes to working outside the contractual field, one can either say not without major consequences, or quote for this particular task outside of your agreed terms, i.e. at a higher rate if the task is more specialized. This indicates when you charge your customers and explain the time you expect for payment within the month, i.e. invoices are sent on the last business day of the month. Payment within 14 days. Finally, more virtual assistant contracts will contain some form of confidentiality agreement.

In principle, it`s about protecting your business resources (connection information, customer lists, growth strategies, business secrets, business processes) from the wrong hands. A contract template for virtual assistants is designed and sent to signature when you launch a new project. We had so many positive feedback from our last speech/interview with Danielle Liss of Businessese that we thought it would be good to do a follow-up post to make sure everyone knows what`s going on when it comes to virtual assistant contracts. This section must contain confirmation that information shared by the client should not be discussed or used elsewhere and all documents provided under this Agreement must be returned at the Customer`s request.