Xcel Energy Interconnection Agreement

The Commission`s mission is to ensure a safe, fair and reasonable interconnection process between the customer and the supplier. We do not regulate the relationship between the customer and the DER developer, installer or manufacturer of the DER devices. Our consumer office can redirect you to the right resource. Thomas Malone, engineer: thomas.h.malone@xcelenergy.com The Minnesota Department of Commerce, which represents consumer protection authorities in business before regulators, in a regulatory notification agreed with developers that Xcel has « sloppy » the introduction of the new interconnection process. www.dakotaelectric.com/renewable-energy/connect-your-own-system/ Xcel argues that complaints should not be attributed to his quality of service plan; The plan was never designed to include liaison issues that have their own review process. Please use the application form below with a map of the planned location with cross roads and the size of the proposed system. Send a pre-application request by potential website. Please send completed forms by email to MNDER@xcelenergy.com. We provide results within 15 business days of receiving the completed application with payment. The interconnection process for connecting a solar panel is usually left to the solar installer who submits the connection request on behalf of the customer. Customers who want to register their own app must log into the Solar Application portal on the Xcel Energy website and complete the application online. The following points describe the specific details that must be included in the documents filed in the login statement: Here you will find resources to link your production or storage system, collectively called a « distributed energy resource, » to our local grid, often referred to as the electrical distribution system or EPS area. You`ll find a guide here in the full MN DIP flow diagram.

Our Solar-Rewards program allows Xcel Energy customers to support solar energy by installing their own solar system. Through the program, solar installers/developers often help submit a login application on behalf of the customer. Before you formally apply for the Solar-Rewards program, we recommend that you first check the following useful resources. South Dakota Interconnection Rules, as accepted by the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission, Administrative Rules 20:10:36. New to the Solar-Rewards program or DER connections with Xcel Energy Minnesota? E-mail SolarProgramMN@xcelenergy.com with your questions. From time to time, a proposed der affects a distribution system that is not owned by Xcel Energy, or perhaps even the mass transfer system. In these cases, it is necessary to hire these other agencies to ensure a safe and reliable connection. (4) It is THE responsibility of SPS to enter into all generator connection agreements in accordance with SPS generator connection procedures for the completion of the network upgrades required for the distribution network and SPS transmission system. The association referred to Xcel`s latest quarterly update on the solar community, which was tabled in July to illustrate the problem: 80 projects, or 60% of the projects expected in the xcel queue, are « on hold ».

This means that they are « sitting around doing nothing » instead of being studied or developed, according to the group. Generating connections to the Southwestern Public Service Company`s distribution system (« SPS ») that are not subject to the Southwest Power Pool `OATT` (SPP) distribution rate may require studies to identify the impact on the SPS transmission system.